Recommend mouse for PC laptop

I’m looking for an optimal mouse to work with my PC laptop with programmable buttons. Does anyone use gaming mice. I’ve been looking at the logitech 502 Hero for extra buttons. Has anyone used anything like this. Or the Logitech MX?? It has the extra thumb button which would seem to be very useful. thx

Logitech, Razer, Steelseries, Corsair, etc… All buttons are programmable and you can set them up differntly for the different programs youre using, or switch profiles on the fly. It’s quite handy, but more than 4 buttons seems to do little but get in the way .

SketchUp’s default keyboard shortcuts are terrible for productivity and an overhaul of those will streamline your workflow (and comfort) considerably. If you want to go with gaming mice, a couple of things to keep in mind are:

  • sketchup uses the scrollwheel button a LOT and a soft click and nice scroll are essential.
  • the more complicated a mouse is, the heavier it gets. If wireless, you have to deal with battery drain and even higher weight.

Logitech MX series seem to be designed more for “ergonomics” and office productivity. They tend to be a “love it or hate it” mouse.

You can go crazy with custom stuff …
Check out the Razer Naga Trinity MMO or the Mad catz Cyborg Rat 7 to give you some idea…

I’ve tried some crazy mice in the past, but keep going back to simple & comfortable. Logitech Wireless G Pro (wireless) , or Steelseries Sensei (not wireless) are my picks…but they dont have a lot of buttons…just two on the thumb (the most useful place) which i hardly even use for Sketchup (assigned to “forward/back”…good for web browsing), and two on the opposite side (volume control).

G Pro wireless is very light and has good battery life, so if you are mobile-based its quite a good option. not cheap though!

Perhaps MX master series are more reasonable.
There were some bad report in a forum about MX Anywhere 3.
I had a problem with a buttons of MX Anywhere 2 after one year of use.

I changed it to So far, it is the best mouse I’ve ever had.


Also had a lot of problems with a variety of logitech mice, erratic button behavior … all of them less than a year old… could not recommend them

I have been quite happy with a MX Master 2S mouse, and the Logitech Options driver has also worked faultlessly. On 2 buttons + wheel mouses installing additional manufacturer supplied drivers is mostly not needed: The ones I have used have worked OK with only the generic Windows drivers.

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I use Logitech’s MX Master, and love it!

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I’ve been using Logitech M510 mice for a long time. Not a bunch of extra buttons but they’re inexpensive and bullet proof. I’ve worn the back feet off my daily driver and most of the bottom is polished to a mirror finish from the mouse pad. (I’ve worn out three mouse pads in the time I’ve had the mouse.)

Loved it until I discovered the MX Vertical ( not so many buttons and wheels though )

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I’m also a Logitech MX Vertical user and love it so much I bought two (one for home and one for the office) even though I could carry it around pretty easily. I’ve spent at least $500 on computer mice over the past 10 years trying to find the perfect mouse and the MX Vertical has definitely been the best thus far. In combination with keyboard shortcuts, it’s cut down my hand and wrist fatigue dramatically.


I love Logitech, but not for their mice, my ‘mouse’ of choice is a Logitech M570 Trackball, 3 programmable buttons and the only things you have to move are your thumb and a couple of fingers. I’ve been told they’re hard to get used to, I’ve been using them so long I don’t remember any problems.

I’ve gone through one of those as well, but with all my orbiting and panning, my thumb wore out!


Logi MX Ergo Trackball (6 programmable buttons - awesome if you have wrist or forearm problems.)

Works great in combination with 3dConnexion SpaceMouse Wireless (2 8-command programmable buttons)

I have a total of 22 SU commands, having to reach my keyboard mostly just to input numbers.

Do they work for lefties?

Mac or PC?

I have Logitech mice for both my PCs and my Mac. My daily driver is a PC and the old Mac no longer runs the current SketchUp versions so it is relegated to scanner duty.


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The 3dConnexion SpaceMouse Wireless works with either hand. The Logi MX Ergo Trackball, unfortunately, is only right-handed.

However, as you use both at the same time, you simply place the trackball to your right, and the spacemouse to your left.


What hand do you use for the keyboard?

I haven’t seen a setup faster than this for sketchup modelling. This is what I use. I use the space mouse in my left hand and an mmo mouse $60 canadian in my right hand. I can program up to about (60) buttons at my finger tips without touching my keyboard. I think the goal for efficiency is to touch the keyboard as little as possible while modelling. This setup means that most of my design process my hands don’t move in sketchup.

Right Hand MMO MOUSE:

Left Hand Space Mouse:

Where do the 60 come from? Including keyboard?
60 seems a lot - I use (routinely) about 35 keyboard keys for shortcuts and I thought that was getting up there!
Plus you must use the Numpad all the time, right??