Recommend mouse for PC laptop

No not including keyboard. The mouse buttons are mapped to keyboard buttons yes but I don’t use the keyboard.

I use a bit less than 60 I think to be more precise it’s like 48 right now. Basically if you combo key buttons so there are 2 individual buttons on the space mouse and I can use 2 or even 3 buttons as dedicated combo keys from my mmo mouse (combo keys, alt, control, shift, cntrl+alt, cntrl+shift, etc, etc) I can get a lot of tool options, probably over a 100 if I really needed or wanted to. I generally use about 30 on the daily. Once in awhile I have to remind myself about which button is which.

The screenshot shows the list of plugins I use regularly (most of them regularly anyways).

I wish my sketchup model didn’t take 5 minutes each time to load at startup though lol…

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Sadly I am a minority Leftie!


If you buy an mmo mouse that’s left handed, or I believe razor has a mouse that has the same amount of buttons that you can switch to either hand, you could so the same thing just opposite hands.

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Thanks, will have a look … left handed devices are a rarity at the best of times in Asia… and importing to VN fraught with costly customs duty 100%+ My left handed writing is a novelty here


Man that is a rabbit hole you can go down. I am in NO way efficient but I do value anything that makes it easier to maneuver and draw in SU. I have this set up below:

It is a 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Enterprise, CAD Mouse Pro Wireless, Logitech MX Vertical and a cheapy iClever wireless keyboard…yea it was a small fortune but it makes the experience so much nicer to fly around within your model and switch mice if you get fatigued by carpal tunnel like I do…too many years of working in the field and using my body as a tool…

But back to your question? I like them all…some are better than others…have fun with them!

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Our love affairs with our mice, almost like with our right hand. I have just got a Logitech
G502, wired, not too expensive, to replace my favorite Razer Diamondback that is no longer available. I like the smooth wheel, but the zoom can waver sometimes (so I’m still figuring out if this is a setting or what). But good feel, not TOO many buttons and they all are usable (unlike some mouse buttons that are too awkward to use regularly). Been a long time since my last Logitech.

But maybe you want a LOT of buttons , but I’m a left hand keyboard user and that is where my primary command happens.

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There is a good chance I’m not a typical SketchUp user. I do have a Space Mouse and a 3 button mouse for testing purposes, but here’s my input devices for the majority of the time.


I use my right hand for the keyboard (only needed for inputting numbers.) I still can spin, pan, zoom in and out, and select one of 16 sketchup commands at the same time with the spacemouse while typing.


Not read the whole topic but I use am Advent Amwlc19 that has 2 programmable buttons. It’s really comfortable to use but I think it’s UK only. Just my personal opinion, gaming mice aren’t really needed.

I guess I would say that that’s based on how many tools one uses and how efficient they want to be. To me gaming mice (mmo mice) just have more buttons, the more buttons allows me to model much faster than I could with fewer buttons.

Fair point, each to their own. My uncle had a (I think) 10 button mouse (he gamed a lot) and when I used it I found I couldn’t reach half the buttons, they were just digging into my hand. That was for 5 minutes. For a whole day if work, I couldn’t stand that. But it’s definitely a good point.
I would personally opt towards a StreamDeck for that (so my hand isn’t aching) and you can still have lots of tools within reach.

Thanks I’ll check that out!