Personal Customized Shortcuts, Keyboard and Mouse workflow swap

Hello Everyone,

I love all things Sketchup and have a mind that is continually searching for ways I can be more efficient and improve my workflow. Starting years ago, I started setting up my shortcuts to my keyboard. Placing my most frequently used tools convenient to my left hand, allowing my right to freely use the mouse. Some shortcuts were given their letters based on the convenience of memory, i.e. E = Eraser, R= Rectangle, A= Arch and so on. As I refined what works best for me, I also added a Logitech G13 gaming keyboard and a Logitech G602 Mouse to my workflow. The G13 (Which I heard is now discontinued) I picked up when I saw it on sale for $75 on Amazon. My mind immediately went to thinking of all the options that it provided me being totally programmable. Not just with shortcuts or assigning keys, but being able to do things like record a series of keystrokes and more. The G602 seemed like the no brainer counter part to add to the mix, it also provides 6 programmable buttons on the side and 2 programmable on the top, apart from the normal left, right and scroll features. You can also smooth out the mouses performance and DPI in Logitechs software which programs both the keyboard and mouse. I am very interested in hearing how other avid Sketch up users have their shortcuts and equipment set up to their workflow. I look forward to sharing and learning from everyone.

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 11.25.05 PM

If I had to guess (and I do), I would say that most people find it difficult remembering more than a few shortcuts and even then they have to be for frequently used commands. Or maybe that’s just me. So, contrary to your many shortcuts, I make do with about 6 on my keyboard and two on one of my mice.

I have never learned how to use the function keys on my keyboard and don’t use either of the buttons on my SpaceMouse (the two I do use being on my roller ball mouse).

I envy anyone who can remember as many mappings as you do!

Well Dan, I think you are a star. And a progressive thinker. This with me being an old fart who is suffering from repetitive stress injuries. I found your thread whilst looking for ways to replace middle mouse wheel in and out, with my left hand - spread the load…
Having said that, yours is not the solution for me (beaurocrasy etc) and I am so saddened to read yet again of a great device that was terminated - no doubt due to lack of sales - too cool for the sheep… I even miss the days of really big mouse devises.
At this point a gaming controller might even be a solution for me. If…
Keep at it.

@sgoodchildbrown if you are looking to spread the load between hands and eliminate the need to use your mouse wheel for zoom I highly recommend the 3DConnexion Spacemouse. I use this heavily and it provides all the pan, tilt, zoom with my left hand. Like @simoncbevans mentioned it does have buttons you can program but I also haven’t programed them and found moving my left hand between the Spacemouse and the keyboard for shortcuts works well for me.


Thank you for your response Greg. I am quite surprised at the lack of a keyboard options. I’ve had a look at the 3Dconnexion website briefly. It sounds so ‘normal and mainstream’ for the 3D cad environment. As I am swopping between 3D cad and 3D GIS, I have contacted my bosses to educate them on the matter. Fingers crossed they will pay. They certainly need to become aware of this as a problem that will only grow as more adopt 3D. Looks like another option is a gaming controller. Off to do more reading.