Mouse/HID/Controller device recommendation wanted

QUESTION: Looking for recommendations for best mouse or interface device to use with Sketchup – I want to be able to assign as many functions as possible to programmable buttons on the device so that I can control input & manipulate the model image with one hand and avoid constantly having to select from toolbars (-beyond the native installed shortcuts–)

There are a bunch of them out there. How much are you willing to spend? Logitech has products under $100. USD. As dezmo mentions Spacemouse products are also very good.

what about keyboard shortcuts with the other hand…?

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This is “key” to achieving what you want. With a decent programmable mouse, and plenty of shortcuts with your other hand, you can set it up so you almost never click on a toolbar again. That’s how I do it and I pretty much have no tools on display anymore, except for the more rare ones.