3DConnexion Enterprise Best Setup for SketchUp Pro

Hello Group. I am super excited to have just purchased the 3DConnexion Enterprise unit. Whilst I am a beginner in SKU Pro, I am super excited about the operation of the joystick controller and how it speeds up the navigation etc.
What I would like to know if anyone cares to share what have done to optimise the use and functions of the keys and also the CADMouse?

Sorry if this has been asked before

If you haven’t watched them already, you could check out the live modeling stream that happens most Fridays (probably won’t be one next Friday):

Quite often someone will ask Aaron what fancy controller he is using, which is also the Space Mouse Enterprise. I don’t think he goes into specific settings, but he might, if you were to ask him.


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Thanks Colin will give that a try

Really, customizing is completely dependent on your workflow. Mapping the keys you use to the Enterprise shortcut keys will help speed up your workflow. One thing I did do that was maybe different was to map arrow keys to the button cluster for the right of the puck.

I had a CadMouse for a while. I did like the size of it and the dedicated middle button, while unique, did not do much for me. I ended up going back to my Logitech Master after about a month. I just cannot be without all those shortcut keys!

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