3DConnexion's Spacemouse Enterprise Kit

Hello everyone,

I am starting to work with 3DConnexion’s Spacemouse Enterprise Kit today at work and am wondering how other users have their buttons programmed?

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I don’t use mine much - I’m really a part time SketchUp user my muscle memory (to use the puck well) degrades quickly with non-use.

But I do recall that the first thing I retrain myself to use when faced with a large project (large enough to renew my facility with the puck) are the buttons I’ve programmed for the Space Bar, Escape Key, and Control Key (Option on the Mac). Before I programmed my Spacemouse Enterprise buttons, those were the 3 things I often use where, without the Spacemouse, I’m constantly needing to use the keyboard. Just about everything else, even if not programmed as a Spacemouse button, can be accessed through menus.

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For what it’s worth, this is how I set mine up:


Hi, new here and also have the enterprise kit but when I run the free sketchup online version it doesn’t work, do you need the desctop version?

Yes. This only works with the desktop client versions.

Thanks Dave!

Hi thanks for sharing
I just bought mine and am keen to hear how others have configured and optimized
How have you found this configuration?
Do u still use this configuration?
What configuration have you done also for your mouse?

Dave P (Pembo)

Great request. I didnt see your post here
I am also asking the same question
Love the use of the controller - so quick and easy to learn.

Hi Dave,

I modified this setup slightly by assigning short macros to the V1, V2, & V3 buttons to give me the ability to lock each axix (Green, Blue, Red). I have found this much more convenient than reaching over to the keyboard every time.

Here is how I set up my CAD Mouse:CAD mouse setup

One other tip: always save your settings! I didn’t save mine the first time and had to reload everything from memory after a driver update. That took some head scratching!

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Cool! I was wondering how to lock on the axis from the enterprise so I didn’t have to go to the keyboard every time. Very cool!