3DConnexion's Spacemouse Enterprise Kit

Hello everyone,

I am starting to work with 3DConnexion’s Spacemouse Enterprise Kit today at work and am wondering how other users have their buttons programmed?

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I don’t use mine much - I’m really a part time SketchUp user my muscle memory (to use the puck well) degrades quickly with non-use.

But I do recall that the first thing I retrain myself to use when faced with a large project (large enough to renew my facility with the puck) are the buttons I’ve programmed for the Space Bar, Escape Key, and Control Key (Option on the Mac). Before I programmed my Spacemouse Enterprise buttons, those were the 3 things I often use where, without the Spacemouse, I’m constantly needing to use the keyboard. Just about everything else, even if not programmed as a Spacemouse button, can be accessed through menus.

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For what it’s worth, this is how I set mine up:


Hi, new here and also have the enterprise kit but when I run the free sketchup online version it doesn’t work, do you need the desctop version?

Yes. This only works with the desktop client versions.

Thanks Dave!

Hi thanks for sharing
I just bought mine and am keen to hear how others have configured and optimized
How have you found this configuration?
Do u still use this configuration?
What configuration have you done also for your mouse?

Dave P (Pembo)

Great request. I didnt see your post here
I am also asking the same question
Love the use of the controller - so quick and easy to learn.

Hi Dave,

I modified this setup slightly by assigning short macros to the V1, V2, & V3 buttons to give me the ability to lock each axix (Green, Blue, Red). I have found this much more convenient than reaching over to the keyboard every time.

Here is how I set up my CAD Mouse:CAD mouse setup

One other tip: always save your settings! I didn’t save mine the first time and had to reload everything from memory after a driver update. That took some head scratching!

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Cool! I was wondering how to lock on the axis from the enterprise so I didn’t have to go to the keyboard every time. Very cool!

Just make sure you place the macro on the primary function of each button - I accidentally programmed them into the “hold down” function of each button the first time and then couldn’t figure out why nothing worked as expected when I hit the buttons… :confused:

@Gitwood73 I’m not sure how to program these macros to those buttons. Would you share a step-by-step instruction?

No problem:

  1. Open SketchUp
  2. Open the 3DConnexion Settings Menu
  3. Make sure 3DConnexion is in Trimble SketchUp mode. This is easiest if you click on your SketchUp screen - 3DConnexion will recognize this as the active program:
  4. Make sure your Enterprise is selected, then open the button menu
  5. Choose your button, in this case let’s say the V1 button
  6. Click on the sub-menu arrow to the right of the dialog box:
  7. Choose Macros/New Macro
  8. Enter your Macro Name before you click to record (in my case “Left Arrow (LOCK GREEN)”
  9. Click to record. Once you click in, every key stroke is recorded, so plan your attack. In this case, simply hit the left arrow and release.
  10. Click Save and you’re done!

As I mentioned before, make sure to save your settings by clicking on the More button (see first image) and the Export Settings. This will save a lot of grief when you do updates or reinstall.

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So cool! Thank you!