Space Mouse Pro button configuration

I’ve been using a Space Mouse for about 4 years now. I love it! I also use joystick mouse. I can model all day with no wrist pain. I want to upgrade to a Space Mouse Pro.
I’m curious to hear what functions other users have programmed to the buttons on the Space Mouse Pro.

Check uot this topic : 3DConnexion’s Spacemouse Enterprise Kit

Instead of telling you exactly which functions I’ve assigned to my Space Mouse Pro keys, instead, let me suggest an approach to determining which functions YOU should use.

Quite simply, every time your hands leave the SpaceMouse and Joystick is time lost. Also, any time spent using your joystick to find command/tools in the menuing system is also time lost from actual modeling. So you have to determine which are your most frequent actions that you can’t currently do quickly!

Pay attention when your hands leave either device to use a keyboard shortcut. ALL of these are candidates for getting their own SpaceMouse keys! Likeways pay attention to those tools/commands you are using from the menu.

Personally, I don’t include things accessed through a context click (right click on popping up a menu right at the mouse pointer) - Yes, they are commands using a menu, but you don’t have to navigate your mouse point TO a menu - when you context click the available commands are right there!

After a few modeling hours, you should have a good idea of what your might want to have on the Space Mouse Pro. The more frequently you’ve used something, the more you probably want it on a Space Mouse Pro key.

There have been other threads asking this, and similar questions. Based on my recollection (I didn’t go back and look), the keys most frequently assigned to programmable buttons - whether on a mouse, joystick, or Space Mouse Pro, are the Space key and the Escape key.

In my case, I have both assigned to the two “extra” keys on my mouse, so I haven’t added them to my SpaceMouse Pro!

Thanks so much for the responses. Funny though, when I typed “Space Mouse Pro” into the search, I got nothing.