3DConnexion SpaceMouse - SpaceNavigator - Program your buttons

Hello All.

It’s been a long time since I decided to share something but I thought this was a pretty cool find.

I was thinking about upgrading to the new SpaceMouse Pro Wireless at a cost of $325 because I wanted to have programmable buttons to get to my tools faster.

Maybe I am the only guy who uses my 3D mouse all the time who didn’t know I could program the two side buttons, but today I stumbled on it. Very cool!

So for anyone that wants to speed things up in Sketchup, check it out.

Go to settings in 3Dconnxion while in Sketchup.
Make sure it says Trimble SketchUp in the top left corner of the 3Dconnexion pop-up. If you have other software open it may have that name in the top left corner. Just click on SketchUp and the name should change.

You should see two buttons. One says “Advanced Settings” and the other says “Buttons”. Click on the “Buttons” button.

Next, you should see two drop-down menus. One for each for the Left and Right buttons.

Select a drop-down menu for one of the left or right buttons.
Select “Radial Menus”.
Select “New Radial Menu”
Create a name or label for the button.
Select “4 Sections” or “8 Sections” under Layout.
Click on each section drop-down menu and select “Trimble SketchUp” and then select the desired SketchUp tool button to place it in the radial section.

Repeat for all radial sections on each of the left and right buttons.

When completed restart SketchUp.

Now in SketchUp, click on either of the left or right buttons on the 3D mouse and you will see a radial menu pop-up with the tools that you assigned. Just run your cursor across the radial section and that will change the tool of your cursor. You don’t have to click on the radial section to select the tool. You only have to move across it.

Be careful what tools you assign to the radial sections. I assigned “Update Scene” and if I mistakenly cross that radial section it automatically wants to update the scene…LOL. I will be changing that.

Thank you to all of you that share. Hope you find this information useful.