Best wireless keyboard and mouse - new to sketchup

Hello out there,

I am new to sketchup, already bought my laptop,
but seeking advice on good wireless keyboard and mouse to buy?!


Logitech is the choice, some MS and Cherry devices are fine too.

I 2nd @sketch3d_de on Logitech. Particularly if you choose within their “Unifying” subset of devices - they can all share a single USB dongle on your computing device, thus you only need to “burn” one usb port for both devices.

My only reservation? They don’t (yet) have a dongle for microUSB or USB-C, so you computing device needs a USB-A port (or a short adaptor).

I have tried many, but always use Logitech. Personally, though I like the idea of the Unifying Receiver, prefer the Bluetooth, as I have so few USB ports on my mac!

thanks to you for the advice, just bought one with unifying technology!

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I have included the 3DConnexion space mouse from … strongly recommended for navigating around your models… never have to use the Orbit tool. While working the super mouse with one hand the other is using the regular mouse…


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