Mapping middle mouse button function to key

it would be awesome to be able to map the rotate toggle, to another key then the middle mouse button.

Especially since the new Mac mouse doesn’t have a middle button. Also some fancy mouse’s has the extra side buttons that you can configure to be a keystroke.

I know you can hit “O”… but i want a key i have to press and hold like the middle mouse button. A hold to orbit function that goes back to my previous tool and action when i release and that pans when i press “shift” together with it. Like “<” on the mac would be perfect since “shift+<” would then be pan.

Of course, the simplest course is to get another mouse that has a middle scroll wheel and button. They aren’t expensive!

Or ditch the mac and get a PC :wink:

You’re both stating the obvious…

I have several 3 button mouses and my primary is a PC laptop.

But i also hold workshops in Sketchup. And some people are so used to the touchpad and Bluetooth mouse, and for them there is no good effective way to navigate the 3D space. I always recommend them getting a 15$ usb mouse and they look really disappointed at me.

Also it’s always a drag not to be able to just pull out your laptop to show a model without plugging in a lumpy USB mouse to navigate.

The mapping option would fix that.

Not much you can do for people who are too cheap to spend $15!

I also use a laptop, so I can see this point.

Using a free program called MagicPrefs you can map all kinds of commands to clicks and gestures on the Magic Mouse, including middle click.

[Edit] Not to say the Magic Mouse is necessarily good for modeling, and certainly not as good as a 3 button scroll mouse, but it is possible to orbit with it.


It looks like the application you are demoing might be able to make the Mac mouse behave similarly to my Logitech Zone Touch mouse that I have started to like, with a swipe on the center touch area working like a scroll wheel, and click on the same as the third button.


It’s painful to use SketchUp without a scroll wheel mouse. I use an HP Bluetooth Mouse x4000b with my AirBook – no cords or dongles. It doesn’t look ugly. You’ll still need a magic mouse or trackpad for Apple apps.