Center button orbit



When I’ve used Sketchup, one feature I liked was that no matter what mode I was in, if I held down the center mouse button, it would temporarily put me into orbit mode, so I could rotate my view.

Recently, I upgraded my mouse software, and that feature isn’t working anymore. I assume the middle button must be mapped to the right function for this to work, but I don’t know what that is.


What the command is named depends on the mouse software. I have seen “middle button” or “button 3”. Both Logitech and Microsoft now seem to put something like “smart scrolling” there by default.

I have a Logitech mouse attached both to my desktop and laptop. On my desktop a it works quite perfectly without any additional Logitech software. My laptop one is one of the fancier models so I installed the software to make use of the extra buttons. If your mouse is a standard two buttons+scroll wheel model, you can safely uninstall all the manufacturer’s software and use the standard Windows built-in drivers instead.



I have a Logitech MX310 wired mouse. I wouldn’t mind getting a wireless, but every mouse I’ve purchased has a very sloppy wheel. The MX310 has a very rounded, solid feel to it. It has a sixth mouse button just above the scrolling wheel that I’ve also become accustomed to. To get it to work, I had to install the latest version of Logitech’s Setpoint software. When I checked earlier, the mouse wheel was configured to be “Autoscroll”. I tried changing it to “Universal Scroll”, but that didn’t make a difference.


Logitech uses (or at least used to use) the term “middle button” (as Anssi mentioned) for the function. Although I managed to get my Logitech MX mouse working (this was a while ago) this way, the feel of the wheel button was never right for SU. Eventually, I went with a Microsoft Explorer 3 mouse, which has very good wheel button response, and more recently with the Razer Death Adder (stupid name; excellent mouse). I use the standard Windows driver for rock solid performance.



I use the MX310 as well and have loved it for years, but I don’t use the Logitech software. However, you can open the software and map whatever you wish to that scroll wheel button. Just set it to Mouse Button 3 or Middle Mouse and SketchUp will behave the way you’re used to again.


Thanks everyone. There was no Mouse Button 3 or Middle Mouse, but there was “Generic Button”. I chose that and it works fine now.


just to add, I currently use Logitech MX mouse, and I have assigned middle mouse button on the thumb button.
As actual wheel is a bit odd to press because of the angle. But the thumb button does the job.

On the contrary, I also have Microsoft Sculpt mouse, and the scroll button works flawlessly out of the box.