Logitech M310 Mouse - set scroll button to Orbit


I would like to be able to click the scroll button on my Logitech M310 Mouse to activate the Orbit function


Map the mouse wheel button to Center mouse button or whatever it is called.


That should be “middle button.” It could be buried down in a list of “other functions.”



In Sketchup, control panel or??


Map where.

Conttol panel?


Yes. In the Windows Control Panel or the Logitech Mouse settings window.


Logitech Setpoint Control Center


Not working for my M310.


If you are using Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Centre map the wheel button to “middle click”

I think it should be very similar with the Logitech app too.


To what do you have the center mouse button mapped?


Issue resolved. A different Logitech M310 mouse DOES the Orbit function correctly.


So, a defective mouse?


I have left a trail of dead wheel mice. The first thing to break is usually the scroll wheel button. The newer Logitech mice like the MX Master 2S I just bought also have the small “freewheeling” button that is great for zooming but makes the middle button almost impossible to use when active.


I have an M510 which has been flawless. I’ve used it so much, though, I’ve worn the back feet off it and polished the bottom mirror smooth. The wheel/button works perfectly, though.


You used to be able to buy replacement Teflon feet for mice - may still be available.


I’ll wait until I wear through the battery cover and you can see the batteries inside. :smiley:


I’ve worn the labels off several keys on my keyboard, too.


The section of my desk where my mouse does its thing is much smoother than the rest of my desktop. I also had keys on my old laptop where the backlighting flooded through because I had worn the opaque key surface down!


I had to get a mouse pad because I’d worn through the laminate on my cheapo desk. One of these days I’m going to make a new desk and inset a polished granite tile for the mouse.


I don’t know… with the miles I put on my mouse, I may need something harder than granite… Are they making desks from graphene yet?