Navigation with Logitech mouse

New user trying to get more proficient with navigation. I have a wireless Logitech multi-button mouse but can’t get orbit to come up when I push the scroll wheel button. Am I missing a configuration option or what?
Thanks for accommodating a newbie.

Did you install the Logitech drivers? You can check to see that the CMB is assigned to Middle Button in the Mouse settings window in Control Panel.

On some logitech mice, there is a separate button under the scroll wheel that acts as the middle button. On these mice pressing the scroll wheel just changes wheel mode (free spinning/ not free spinning)

Hey, thank you all for the inputs. I finally downloaded SetPoint from Logitech that allows me to map buttons to keystrokes so I assigned the Scrool button to ‘O’ which puts me in orbit. Problem solved.
Thanks again.

Are you finding this works ok for you? Normally, it is better simply to assign the Wheel button to ‘Middle mouse button’ in the mouse settings. That way, press and hold the scroll wheel allows you to orbit without further keystroke or button press. Just having it assigned to ‘O’ for Orbit requires you to press and hold left button after middle button. And scroll up or down zooms in or out (or vice versa).

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I agree with John. Assigning the wheel button to ‘Middle button’ would make a better work flow. Releasing the button will drop the Orbit tool and you’ll return to the tool you were using. And holding Shift with the middle button will activate Pan. Navigating around the model space will be much easier that way.

Yes, I agree with your point but wasn’t able to find a way to assign it to CMB.

You should be able to select it as shown, below.

Well, I’ll be…
For years I thought I was the only one who mapped the Orbit tool to the CMB.

That is…
Click and release the scroll wheel CMB to launch Orbit
ESC exits Orbit and returns to the active modeling tool.
Right context click* in empty space > Exit

*The Camera Context Menu serves up a number of options that I find faster than reaching for keys.

I think most would agree Preferences > Shortcuts is one of SU’s most accommodating features.
And truth be told, I don’t have O mapped to the CMB I have Home mapped to the CMB
Home is then assigned to Orbit via Preferences > Shortcuts

Why? … you might ask. Because to me, it’s ‘normal’

I’ve had my mouse buttons mapped a certain way for as long as I’ve had programmable mice.
Home is the often used Zoom Extents shortcut hardwired into my favorite 2D CAD package.
That, and the top of a lengthy webpage or PDF document is just one mouse button away.

Mapping the arrow keys to the mouse buttons makes Inference Locking effortless as well.