Orbit activation from Mouse Wheel?

This has haunted me across multiple mouse brands and is killing my flow. I used to be able to hold the mouse wheel down (as a button) and go into Orbit mode. No longer. It only does scrolled zoom. So, I have to key in “O” and hit space bar to return to cursor (thousands of times across a project).

Any advice is DEEPLY APPRECIATED! Thx in advance for your time in commenting.

Make sure that, in your mouse driver software, that pressing the scroll wheel down is assigned to “middle button”

Thx so much, Aaron.
Sadly, there is no such command. My newish Dell laptop, under Device Manager, calls my mouse simply a “HID-compliant mouse” and has assigned some generic Microsoft driver (which has only page at a time and # of lines to scroll options for the wheel).
I’m trying to hunt down a manufacturer driver, if available.

It should be in the mouse settings. I don’t remember Windows settings very well, but I think you can check the button settings in the mouse settings.

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Mine also, even though I’ve both Microsoft and Logitech branded mice.

Such users with MS branded keyboards or pointing devices must go to the MS Download Center, download and install the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center in order to customize the device settings.
Once installed, and extra tab appears in the Mouse Control Panel applet that can launch the MS applet.

Logitech has a similar customizing applet. (Actually they have a whole family of such applets, from the old SetPoint, to the newest Logi Options+.) I’m not impressed at all with the Options or Options+ applets. I went back to SetPoint. (Latest release was in JAN 2023.)

  • UPDATE: Upon installing SetPoint I now see a Logitech HID-compliant mouse in Device Manager with a Logitech driver ver, dated 10/14/2020.

These customization applets are separate and distinct from the device driver. (Though their installer may come with an OEM driver.)

What’s the brand of your mouse? Some brands have softwares to customize their products like Logitech or gaming mice brands.

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