Orbit with mouse wheel stopped working - not the mouse - continuation 2

I would like to start with a reference to the old thread that was closed:
Orbit with mouse wheel stopped working - not the mouse

basically, I had an upgrade to windows 10 later version, and immediately after that my Logitech wireless
mouse stopped delivering a middle button (wheel click) as a click but instead as a scroll up or down.
my other Lenovo wired mouse still deliver a wheel click (therefore a middle button click) and the orbit
tool works.

i have tested both mice here:

and this seems to be the problem. any suggestion of how to make the Logitech (MX anywhere 2)
to do the right thing again? it is a bummer that i have to not use it with SketchUp and in general
have to keep to mice in parallel, so that i have the best of both worlds…

thanks again

That can be changed the logitech options software.

in my Logitech mouse settings I have control on left/right mouse buttons, but not middle button (scroll

On the Anywhere 2 the scroll wheel click toggles the scrolling mode (from free-spinning to ratcheting) - it is not the middle button.

You can set up the Gesture button (the one above the scroll wheel) as the middle button in LogiOptions:

seems like in the MX 2 - there are fewer options on my settings…
doesn’t seem like I can disable the SmartShift from here…

thanks for you help though

thank you very much db11, for you suggestion,
I did set the gesture button as middle button now.
and this solves my immediate need.

but i know for sure, that before, i used to press the wheel for a middle

my suspicion is that something in the windows system config changed (with the upgrade to 2020)
or that perhaps the mouse just all of sudden broke. although I have seen others who complained about
this same problem with the upgrade, so just too much coincidence…

That has happened with my mx master 2 after a win update, I had to re-configure the settings in Options.