Orbit when you press the scroll wheel?

Alright, in the version of sketchup I used in the early 2000’s pressing and holding the scroll wheel on the mouse temporarily activated orbit. When you let go of the wheel, it went back to whichever tool you were using. This was incredibly useful, and sped up drawing considerably.
Surely this must be possible with the latest pro version, no? Anyone know how? I miss the hell out of it.

It still works that way in the current version as well as all other versions of SKetchUp. If it’s not working for you look at your mouse and the setting for the center mouse button.

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What sort of mouse are you using with your MacBook?

Huh. I’m using a basic Logitech - the kind with tape holding the batteries in because I lost the cover. Checked my general mouse settings (apple>sys prefs>mouse) and looked in sketchup prefs, but all I could find there about orbit was the O shortcut to switch the tool. Am I missing something there?
Now that I’m thinking about it, the button function of my scroll wheel might just be broken. Sketchup is the only thing I use (attempt to use) it for, so I wouldn’t know. I’ll find a different mouse and test it out.
Thanks so much for your help!!

I use a Logitech MX Master 3 with my MacBook Pro running Ventura and SketchUp 2023. Pressing the mouse scroll wheel still gets the orbit tool for me and still returns to the previous tool on release. To me this suggests that possibly the switch on your mouse is wearing out or clogged with dust.

Good luck. Maybe it’s time to retire that mouse.

In Logitech Options make sure that the scroll wheel is mapped to “Middle Button”


This has also been a problem I have had. Rebooting the computer has corrected it. I just updated my Logitech devices (mx wireless keyboard and M720 mouse). Checked the mapping in the Logitech software and the middle scroll wheel is set for “Middle Button.” Now it works.

If it does it again I will check the Logitech settings first as that is faster than rebooting.

Also, I have had issues with the most recent version of OS where, every once in a while, when my laptop wakes up, the scroll wheel will not work. If I put it to sleep and wake it up again, then everything is fine.

I guess even mice can wake up on the wrong side of the bed…

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