Orbit Scrolling Too Fast

I just downloaded SketchUp 2023. It may be that in my previous version I created a specific setting for orbit, but now I can’t zoom in our out, or orbit around using the tool as I usually do. The orbiting/zooming now instantly dives deep into the rendering instead of slowly moving forward. I can’t work until this is fixed.

Are you using a mouse with three buttons, being the wheel the middle button?

I’m using the Sculpt mouse with the middle button. After reading comments, I need to change my scrolling habits with the new 2023 version (which is a bummer). I’ve been sweeping around with the scrollwheel, and my view has been intuitively moving around with it. Now, I have to consiously use two separate movements - straight down or back and forth with the scrollwheel, or clicking right and left. I wish I had left my old SketchUp version intact. Unless you know somthing…?

if you have a logitech mouse, you can set the speed of scrolling and cursor sensibility for any app with the logi options+ software.

Thank you. I love the mouse I have actually, I’m just not happy with how SketchUp now works in this regard. I’ll have to really concentrate to re-learn this new way of working.

How doy you use it? I’ve used Logitech mice for years, now I have the MX Master 3 and the behavior has been the same since skp 2021, the version I was using when I bought the mouse, and I had performance MX before that and never had any issues with the scrolling or orbiting.

that’s a microsoft mouse. not a logitech one francis.

the issue with sidescroll is that it’s located on a variety of location. mine is on the thumb, last week I used one located on the wheel.
SU seems to have simply updated the list of controls offered by windows when they switched to the QT framework, including side scroll, not realising that on some mices it would be an issue.

edit : on mac SU23, my sidewheel don’t do nothing, so again, I’d say it’s part of the QT framework.

I see you’ve found this thread

You say you downloaded the driver, did you also install the “microsoft mouse and keyboard centre” brad is mentioning (and have you directly contacted Brad for more infos ? direct message ? he might not have the email alerts for answers activated, but maybe he has one for his dm?)

There is also a second fix there, more of a crutch where you create a script that you need to run when you use SU

Thanks anyway…

Is there a software to configure the mouse? If so it should be possible to set it up.

yes there is, and he found it, you can find mentions of it in my previous message and the linked thread.

I have adapted the commands scroll and pan to separate keyboard shortcuts convenient to me. @SketchupAcademy this 2023 version does not make me happy. I can’t side scroll like I used to be able to do, taking away intuitive “pull” and scroll movements. Is there a way to go back to the previous version?? I hate this one, I have to say.

You are the only one who is having this issue, for everyone else the behavior is the same on sketchup 2023 as it is on sketchup 2022, 2021 and every version.

Not true, but I’m going to just keep on going (other threads having same issue)

I don’t know who sketchup academy is, but they don’t work for sketchup. not sure why you tagged them.

yes, you can roll back to sketchup 22. download it in the same place you downloaded sketchup 23, and install it. Unless you actively uninstalled it, it should still be there on your computer in fact.

almost 6 month release, I could count on one hand the amount of people who have come on this forum because they were impacted by the side scroll addition in the QT framework. and from the thread I quoted earlier, it seems they solved it.

you can rollback to SU22. it’s a solution.