Mouse problem in SKP 2023

HI all,
since I upgraded to SKP 2023, the mouse is not working properly : when I click the scroll button, I select the orbit tool as before, and that’s fine. But at the same time it’s automatically zooming in… I precise I don’t scroll, of course, I just click. Is someone facing the same issue since 2023 ? Thx


what is the model of your mouse ?

any chance it’s related to that ? apparently some mice have a wheel that can be moved to the sides, and 2023 see this as a side scroll (I guess it was added for a better handling of certain mices?)

didn’t find this topic but yes, should be related to.
it’s an old logitech G5, but working well, and the wheel can be move to the side (I just discovered that…)

seems the problem is only my finger :
when I click I also push left the wheel unintentionnally… I just have to be careful.
thanks !

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