Logitech M310 Mouse - set scroll button to Orbit


Let’s design one and build it. They’ll be pounding down the doors for it.


Still roughly on the mouse topic - you could add a sheet of tempered glass over your desk - I haven’t tested it with laser or optical mice though.

I id mention in another mouse related thread, optical mouse function can be disrupted by LED or similar light source shining at desktop level under/at the mouse (a glass top may make that issue worse).


I have a Logitech MX Master, which uses something called “DarkField” technology… so, even though I have rarely need to do this, it will work on glass!

Also… you would think with a name like DarkField, it would be a little more epic than tracking on glass…


It can also be interrupted by dog or cat hair filling the recess between the LED and the desk. :slight_smile:


Cat hair is the most common hardware problem I have faced since Windows NT was released.


I had one rodent fail, it drove me crazy for an hour till I figured it out and yes the old cat hair trick gets me at times.


Sigh! Remember the pre-optical mouse days when one had regularly to clean the lint off the rollers?


Yeah, me too