Beginner question: Sketchup Fundamentals Chapter 2: holding middle button does not orbit?

I’m using SketchUp 8.0 on Windows. The middle mouse scroll works for zooming, but pushing it does not do the orbit the video says it should. Is there any setting to make this work, or is it simply not available on 8.0? Note the middle button works fine, for instance pasting in X-Windows and PuTTY.

Separate question: my mouse is the Logitech T400 where the “Scroll wheel” is actually a 2D touchpad, and most Windows apps use the left-right scrollability too but SketchUp doesn’t seem to. Is there a setting that makes use of it, for instance to pan?

It’ll be in the Logitech settings. The button needs to be assigned to the Center Button function.

Why are you still using SketchUp 8?

In addition to this question, update your forum profile, it states that you are using SketchUp Free…

Maybe you can make this work in the Logitech settings…

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I once had a logitech mouse with a touch scroll panel, never got it to work with sketchup in the way it is should work.

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I too own a T400 mouse, not in use right now. SketchUp doesn’t. AFAIK, support sideways scrolling with any type of mouse.

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In part because I installed it a decade ago and it still works. In part because I tried to figure out if there was a good upgrade path and it’s not clear.

At the very least it would be sensible to upgrade to the 2017 version, which is the last freely available desktop version. Much more viable. And fairly compatible with more recent tutorials. Unless you have a 32 bit system or you are wanting to use the Google SU8 license that allowed commercial use of their software.


Many thanks, Box. I’m 2/3 of the way through the tutorial with 8.0, and it’s all the same so far, except 1) can’t read the new files so having to make my own examples to play with, and 2) polygons are sized from the outside only while the demo shows outside and inside.

And yes, the computer I have with the best screens is the one I use to develop Win7/32 binaries commercially. (Development from old OS works on new OS with only a few historical exceptions (OSX, Solaris 2, Linux 2), while stuff on a new OS almost never works on an old OS.)