Mouse pan and orbit not possible with the Logitech M705


I’m trialling Sketchup at the moment, just had a tutorial on how to use it yesterday. Problem is my Logitech M705 mouse doesn’t appear to pan or orbit. There was a spare in the tutorial so we managed with that, but no go with mine. Any advise on what I can do about it without buying a new mouse?

I don’t know why there isn’t an option to change the configuration to the mouse buttons, in other 3d programs using the left and right buttons is used to pan to great ease. This using the scroll wheel and left button is pretty clumsy.

Thanks for any help

I’m surprised a logitech mouse does not work. You say

I’m confused, you should be able orbit simply by click-holding the scroll wheel button and moving the mouse, there is no left button involved. Wheel click orbits and the shift button modifies for pan.
I actually think SketchUps camera navigation is one of the smoothest and most intuitive out there, I curse fusion360 and vectorworks when I have to use because they won’t let me set up the way Sketchup works.

Left mouse button combined with the wheel is the rather awkward one handed pan.

As to your issue, a couple of possibilities,
make sure your scroll wheel is set to Middle mouse button,
You may need to add the Logitech software or in some cases, Remove it.

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Nailed it! Thanks Box, middle button was set to zoom. As that is what I mostly associate with what the middle button does I’d glossed over it. Thanks for all the input guys!

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