Mouse issues - Orbit & Pan with scroll wheel

Hi there, Newbie question so please be gentle. I have just bought a Logitech MX Anywhere 3 for Mac mouse. I can’t get it to orbit or pan using the scroll wheel. the pan feature works in other programs and the Orbit tool icon comes up when I press the scroll wheel button, but when I move the mouse it doesn’t orbit. is there a setting somewhere I need to activate?

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Nick - i am having the same issue myself! Just received the MX Anywhere 3, it shows the orbit tool when clicking on mouse wheel, but will not orbit. And i cannot get pan hand to show up either without using keyboard shortcuts. I am thinking possibly needs OS software update to work with latest SketchUp, who knows. If this is the case i will just return the mouse and continue to use the Mac Magic Mouse and shortcuts.

Your profile says you are using SU2020 and Catalina (10.15). According to the SketchUp System Requirements, with the release of SU2020 they removed support for Sierra (10.12) so you should be good in that area.

Have you set the scroll wheel button to “Middle Button” in the Logitech Options?

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yes - i have found that if i click the wheel (middle button) and left point click at the SAME TIME, it will allow me to orbit. If i just click the wheel (middle button), the orbit logo pops up but it will not allow me. This is a MX anywhere 3. I just tried an older logi tech and it will orbit with just wheel click. So possibly the mouse?

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Might be the mouse like you say. Might be the mouse drivers.

I’m not sure if this apply to Mac but in Windows:
The older Logitech driver called “Setpoint”.
Now the new driver is called: “Logitech Options”.

Did you checked on the latest driver?:

I purchased a wired Logitech mouse as my generic wireless mouse was giving me trouble. I found that pan and orbit with the center wheel was very inconsistent with the new mouse. I returned it and tried another same results. I dug out an old dell wired mouse and the problems went away. Please post a solution if you find one. I am on a windows system

I found that Logitech is no longer the old good quality.

For me, best (but pricey ) is: 3dconnexion CadMouse Compact Wireless

(No, they did not pay me for ads :wink: )

I’ve had very good service from my Logitech mice.

yes - i am using logi options, latest version

I have ordered a replacement on Amazon… we will test it and see the results. if the same, i will go another route than Logitech

I understand that 3dconnexion is a subsidiary of Logitech

That is true. But I feel that while Logitech is a “mass production brand”, the 3Dconnection is more premium.

Once upon a time it was the mouse drivers that were a problem, back then you needed to remove the fancy drivers and let the generic drivers do the job. That was ages back and probably doesn’t apply now but…

I have problems with some fingers on my right hand so to find a mouse that fits is difficult. At work I got to try the Logitech MX Master 2S mouse. It looks large and clumsy but it fit my hand surprisingly well so I have got one for home use too. The present Logitech Options software has worked without a glitch. Older Logitech custom drivers used to give trouble. Another mouse I liked was the discontinued Logitech Zone touch mouse (touch area instead of wheel) but its drivers had several irritating glitches.

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Hi Monospaced.
Yes I have but to no avail. also reset al in Options.

Hi Box, It may still be the case.

I am not completely solved, but uninstalling Logi Options has restored the functionality of the scroll wheel/Middle button. Alas now the thumb buttons don’t work, so no pan!

The Correct Driver, found here, for your mouse is Logitech Options.
Also see this FAQ to install correctly.

What about holding the center mouse button/wheel down along with Shift?

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