Need a Mouse that can Orbit and Pan

Can someone recommend a mouse that will allow me to orbit and pan when using SketchUp? I have a Logitech Anywhere MX mouse for which I downloaded customizing software today. After unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to customize the mouse online I had to then spend ages on the phone with a support person who couldn’t understand what I was trying to do and wasn’t able to help. I’m not sure this mouse CAN orbit and pan. Any recommendations that won’t break the bank?

I’ve had success with the Microsoft Explorer Mouse 3

and the preposterously named Razer Death Adder

Both work fine using generic Windows drivers.


Try 3D connection or Logitech M570 . Not sure it will do exactly what you want but these are my go to mice

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If you want to orbit and pan while using some tool, you need one of the 3D Connexion space navigators (their CAD mouse doesn’t look too useful) which you use with your left hand while you control the cursor with the right hand.

Now with your MX mouse and Logtech’s SetPoint software, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to the buttons on your mouse. It’s wheel will tilt to the left and right. So in SetPoint, under undet the customization you can set up per program, you can assign SU keyboard shortcuts to the left and right tilts.

SetPoint limits the buttons you can customize. I use the SetPoint plugin uberoptions to be able to assign keyboard shortcuts to all buttons - like the forward and back buttons I assign undo and redo. And there’s a Zoom button which I assign SU’s Select None.

For the last few years I have been using the Performance Mouse MX, which has a few more buttons than your Anywhere Mouse MX. When this wears out, I will probably switch to the MX Master which should let me assign more shortcuts than what I can get with the Performance Mouse with their own options software seemingly replacing what uberoptions can do as the MX Master allow you to flick your thumb to access functions of your choosing.

Logitec M325 (wireless) has a nice smooth scrolling action, it is very affordable, I sometimes use it when doing presentations on my knee while sitting in the audience. . You can also add several devices to the dongle EG another keyboard or Logitech product.
just checking that you are clicking the scroll wheel and left clicking to pan?

The mouse you have should work.
Some Logitech mice work better without the logitech drivers.
The scroll wheel click needs to be set to Middle Mouse Button.
So try whatever settings there are or uninstall the logitech drivers and try setting it with the default mouse properties.

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I think on this rodent there is a button behind the wheel that is the middle button. The wheel zooms in and out and can be programmed for keyboard shortcuts via left and right scroll. I use a similar one for redo and undo.


I can use nothing but a trackball… more specifically the logitech m570. It ‘usually’ works fine with SU, but I ha e experienced issues with it once I upgraded to SU 2016.

On my M705 I find I need to push hard on the wheel to activate Orbit. If not I end up activating the rarely used left-scroll feature of the mouse wheel. My next mouse will not have left or right switches on the mouse wheel, only scroll and down. And will hopefully not require as much pressure.

Also, press the shift key while orbiting to switch in and out of pan mode. It quickly becomes quite natural.

Thanks Jim. I think this mouse is too complicated for me!

Hi Lopaka. I tried a trackball mouse but I think I’m too old to rewire my brain for it!

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Thanks Shep. I’ll try that.

Thanks Box. I’ll try that, if I can figure it out.

Hi Andrew. I’m trying everything I can with this mouse but no matter what it won’t orbit or pan.

Thanks Catamountain. A Sketchup trainer I’m working with uses a $13 mouse that pans and orbits while my $50 mouse is too complicated for me. Go figure. I’ll keep trying to figure out the setpoint options.

Thanks Gully. I if I can’t get my mouse to cooperate I’ll try one of these.

Thanks Shep. Yes, there is a button behind the scroll wheel. More exploration required.

You should be able to press down and hold the wheel for one of your actions.

On more question, Gully. Did you have to download software and play around with customizing either of these mice?

No. As I said, they run on the Windows system driver. Just give the OS a moment to ponder and it should load whatever driver(s) it deems appropriate. A minute later, you’re ready to go.

(Both mice offer custom software. You don’t need it for SU.)