Mouse wheel that can orbit

Does anyone have a mouse that when you press the scroll wheel, you orbit? Also is there a mouse when you push the scroll wheel to the left or right, the drawing pans to the left or right?

I have a Logitech MX400 attached laser mouse, which looks like it should have these functions (there are arrows on either side of the wheel), however they do not work. All I use the wheel for is zooming. I think I bought this mouse in 2009.

Should I get a new mouse?

By the way, when I go to the mouse settings, even under “other” there appear to be no setting options for orbit.


Go to the Logitech mouse driver app and look for the button reassignment section. Assign the function of “middle button” to your scroll wheel button.

This still won’t supprt the side-to-side motion of the wheel button (I think), but you should be able to use the normal mouse navigation controls: wheel button = orbit; Shift+Wheel button = pan; roll wheel = zoom.


Thanks! That works-! I still don’t see any way to get the side to side pan thing but the orbit with the wheel works great.

Hi Chris,

IIRC you use Windows 7

Given you purchased the mouse about the time Windows 7 was released there’s a good chance your mouse driver app is out-of-date.

It might be wise to visit Logitech Support and download/install the current version of the Logitech’s mouse driver application … SetPoint … for your MX 400 mouse.

More tips from Logitech Support:
Downloading the latest software for you Logitech mouse and keyboard — Logitech Support

Panning while in the Orbit tool (Three button mouse) — SketchUp Help


@Geo, I believe that he’s referring to the side-to-side rocking motion of some mouse wheels, a different switch from the down-up wheel press, intended, I suppose, for horizontal scrolling on wide columns. There doesn’t seem to be a way to map the panning function to that sideways rocker switch.


I have a Logitech mouse. The side-to-side wheel motion just gives you two more keyboard-assignable buttons. In Set Point go to menu that lets you set up button assignment by program. Set up you keyboard shortcuts in SU then assign that keyboard shortcut to the side-rocker buttons.

Also, there is UberOptions, a mouse plugin that enables all Logitech mouse buttons to be mappable, I have a Performance MX which has a few extra buttons, so this plugin is quite nice as I added Undo/Redo and a few favorite tools to the mouse.

Look into getting a 3d navigator by 3dconnexion. I just noticed they added a corded, 7 button cad mouse to their line-up. But I don’t yet know if one could customize the button mapping the same as using Set Point with the UberOption plugin. Logitech own the company.

I would say the idea is not to use the keyboard shortcut for panning, which invokes the toolbar Pan command, but to invoke the built-in mouse Pan (Shift-Wheel button) command, which can interrupt an operation in process, pan, and then return to the operation in process where you left off.


I understand what is wanted, but the side-to-side motion of the Logitech wheel button doesn’t work like that.

@Gully_Foyle, I’ve yet to apprehend exactly what the OP meant by “the side to side pan thing"
Hopefully the documentation and video will dispel his/her misconceptions.

By default, pressing down on the wheel temporarily suspend whatever tool is in use to allow one to reposition the camera with the Orbit tool. the OP can try remapping that button with the Pan tool.

@Geo, on the mouse–or the class of mice–in consideration, there is an additional control movement built into the wheel mechanism: a side-to-side rocking or tilting, which scrolls horizontally on wide pages. What the OP is requesting, I think, is for SU to pan left on a left tilt and pan right on a right tilt.


Yes, I understand the type of mouse.
Apparently the OP has the notion the scroll wheel tilt buttons will actually pan the camera.

AFAIK the only way to pan the camera with an ordinary 3, 5 or 7-button mouse is to activate the Pan tool in some fashion and then move the mouse.

No doubt one could map H to one of the extra mouse buttons.
Of course, that will only launch the Pan tool; not pan the camera.

As the OP requested a desire for switching between a working tool and panning and orbiting, just cut through the mouse-mapping workarounds. it’s time to get 3D navigator - which works in conjunction with a mouse. They knew they were in the market for a navigation upgrade but just didn’t know a 3D navigator existed.

Been there, Years ago I got the Space Pilot for all the extra buttons and the ability to map the arrow keys on the device for left-handed arrow key access. I also got lucky and bought my device used. The nice ones are expensive suckers.

Thanks to all. I realized that I meant to mean use the two buttons on the side, as well as the wheel (pushing it to the left or right) in order to move along the green, red or blue axis without having to tap the arrow keys. Kind of following Gully’s advice, I was able to assign the left arrow keystroke to the left wheel pushbutton, the right arrow key to the right push wheel, and the blue axes up and down to the 2 side buttons. Sorry–I DID NOT mean to use the word PAN! The mouse settings are working perfect now–I just never knew they could do this.

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When Trimble gets their act together to accept this in 15 you will love it.

There is nothing to prevent 3D Connexion from releasing a SketchUp 2015-compatible driver, if they haven’t already done so. Trimble doesn’t make drivers.


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You were saying?
3DCONNEXION — Supported Software


I currently use this exact model with SketchUp Pro 2015 and I freely recommend it to colleagues. It works amazingly well so I doubt that Trimble needs to adjust anything in this regard.

While what you say is “true” it is also half baked. The drivers worked on other revs. SO who boned the 2015 release? Trimble!!!