3-Button Panning on Logic MX Anywhere 3 for Mac


I am a long time SketchUp User on a PC…but now on a MacBook Pro and a Logistic MX Anywhere 3 mouse. When panning in SketchUp using the left + middle scroll buttons, as I have done for 15+ years, there is delay or sorts that I have never experienced on a PC where you need to hold down the middle scroll button for a fraction of a second then the left button before the pan icon appears and functional… instead of simultaneously pressing the middle scroll + left buttons to activate the pan function instantaneously- which I am used to on a PC. Ineatd, on the Mac + Logitec combo I now have, when siultaneously pressing the middle scroll and left buttons with the intention of panning, the oan icon does not appear and only the orbit function remains… Therefore, the only way to pan using the 3-button mouse is to press the middle scroll button, wait a fraction of a second with the middle scroll button held down, then the the left button until the pan icon appears which allows panmning to happen… so there is a delay. That split second delay really adds up over the course of the day! Any settings/ ideas?? Thank you for any help~


I have one of those, and I can’t find where I put it! I do all my SketchUp work with trackpad only, but have a few mice for testing. One of those is indeed the MX Anywhere 3 for Mac one. When I find it I will check for any problems.

huh. I tried with a MX Master and indeed, the procedure works as you describe. Wheel click, wait, then left. If you go too quickly, instead of the pan tool, it acts as a “double wheel clic”, centering your work window on what you clicked.
I never do it that way, pan (for me) is wheel button + shift, so I can’t say for how long it has been that way on my side

Might be a 2022 issue, or a logitech one. Can anyone try with a non logitech mouse ?

@ateliernab your profile states that you use Mac and Windows.
Was your testing on Mac? And if so does it also happen on Windows?

On the mac. The PC is at work, I’m not :slight_smile:

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Maybe you can test it on your PC when you are at work, if it works then it would be a Mac thing. Might be interesting to know for @colin

This particular mouse has been problematic for a few years now:


@endlessfix okay, so it can as well be a mouse problem. Not everybody has encountered the problem so it seems…
If this only happens on Mac and not Windows it’s probably a driver issue and should be addressed to Logitech…

I can see this also on my MacBook Pro using an MX Master 3. For me it isn’t really an issue because a) I also have a Space Navigator and tend to use that instead of the mouse orbit and pan most of the time (except in some cases where the SN becomes too twitchy), and b) I too press the shift key after the scroll button because it’s right there by my left hand. It acts instantly, so I suspect the delay on pressing left mouse button may be a lag in some aspect of the bluetooth connectivity of the mouse. I can’t find anything in Logi Options that would explain the delay.


I hadn’t bothered with this thread as I have neither a Mac nor a Logic MX but,
I can confirm that windows behaves the same way, even using two hands to press the scroll and lmb together results in Orbit. It feels like you need to press the scroll wheel then when fully pressed the tip of your finger can now press the lmb. I see similar behavior in the web version. I don’t have earlier that 2022 on this machine to check if this is new. I may have an older machine running later and can check.

It too never use this option for pan.

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well, I tried on pc with 3 different mice, my MX master, and it works the way you say, no delay, just clic and poof.

then I tried with my regular work mouse, a 10€ one, and it doesn’t. SU doesn’t recognize the wheel+left clic combo. Works with shift though.
and tried with my backup (cheap one too), same.

So I don’t think it’s an SU issue, nor is it a mac issue. Might be in the way the info is transmitted ? Don’t know much about mice, but I remember reading about gaming keyboards allowing you to press MORE keys at the same time than regular keyboards. Maybe something similar ? some OS and some mice will only send / get info one at a time ?

Thanks for all of the feedback! I have tried 4 different mice on the Macbook and they all have this issue of the delay where you need to first click the middle scroll button, wait a second, then click the left button to activate the pan function. These same mice all work normally on my Dell Precision laptop where you simultaneously click the middle and left buttons to instantaneously activate the opan function. Therefore, the issue must be with SU-for-Mac or the Mac itself. I guess I will need to start using the ■■■■+middle button to pan which is frustrating as I have done the 2-stage click for 15 years without an issue.

It works with my MX Master 2 mouse on Windows. I hadn’t noticed this before as I usually use my index finger both for the LMB and scroll wheel. My mouse has a thumb button that I seldom remember to use that I have set to “middle button”, and the thumb+index combination seems to be somewhat usable.