Logi (Logitech) MX Anywhere 3 for Mac Button Assignment Workaround (Not Optimal)

I thought I would share my workarounds for the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 for the Mac.

The problem

The wheel button does not work as expected. The Orbit Icon appears on screen, however when you move the mouse the model doesn’t orbit as expected.

The solution

In the “Logi Options” utility and with SketchUp running:

  1. Click on the “All Applications” menu, scroll down and select “Add Application”
  2. Select “SketchUp”

You are returned to the screen showing the top and side diagram for the mouse.

  1. Click the “Wheel Button” Icon.
  2. Select Keystroke Assignment and in the input box input the keystroke “Cmd - B” (Mac user)

Cmd R is the keyboard shortcut for the Orbit tool. A single press of the button selects the tool and the left mouse button allows you to orbit. I realise that this isn’t going to solve the problem for all use cases. The keyboard shortcut cancels any existing tool selected, for example. However the fix is a reasonable compromise for me as there’s always the Control-Command modifier keys for other situations.

I have to say for a £70 mouse this behaviour from a manufacturers driver is pretty disappointing, however I need a mouse that pairs with more than one machine and has more than 3 buttons to make using other software more functional. Additionally, when I’m in my home-office I have a 3DConnexions mouse for the heavy work in any case.

I hope people find this a useful compromise. You might like to know that the other SketchUp button assignments I use are:

Wheel Mode Shift: Cmd-R - The Pan Tool
Front Thumb button: Escape
Rear Thumb Button: Space

Many thanks.


Um, Cmd-B is the shortcut for orbit, Cmd-R is for pan.

Corrected - I don’t know what I was thinking as I wrote the post. Thanks anyway,

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