Mouse Buttons in SketchUp Web?

I am used to having mouse buttons programmed In SkechUp Desktop for Orbit, Pan & Extents.

I just looked at the SketchUp for Web Fundamentals course, and it mentions being able to push your scroll button down for Orbit and push the scroll button down + shift for Pan.

Neither of these work with my Logitech Anywhere 3 for Mac and Safari. Does anyone have a workaround?

On the Logitech app map the buttons you want to use with sketchup to the entire web browser.

So, will Command + B and Command + R from SketchUp 2023 work with SketchUp Web in Safari?

The keyboard shortcuts themselves do not work. Are there specific keyboard commands for SketchUp Web? A reference would be great.

Those are not default shortcuts, you must add them on the sketchup web preferences.

Thanks francisquitof, Can you point me to those settings specifically? I can only find an option to map Orbit or Pan to the two-finger swipe on a trackpad.

Found them… Thank you!

Even better… create a Web App in Safari. You can use Logitech Options+ to map to just the Web App and leave the Safari keyboard shortcuts as standard. SketchUp Web is picky about which keyboard shortcuts you can use, but it works.