Recommended mouse for mac os


I need a recommendation for a mouse with 3 buttons to allow orbit and pan. My logi mx anywhere 2s mouse doesn’t work


I have no experience with the logitech mx anywhere 2s, but based on its stated capabilities (to control multiple computers at the same time?) I’m not surprised it would cause issues. Many people have success with simpler logitech mice as well as other inexpensive 3-button mice.


There’s no reason the Logitech shouldn’t work perfectly well with SketchUp. I use a Logitech mouse, and I know several SketchUp users who do as well, and I recommend them regularly. If it’s not working, there’s a chance you might have to go into the control panel for it and set it up so that it does (such as ensuring the middle click button is middle click, etc).



I am using a Logitech MX Master 2S and have no issues with it at all.

I wish I’d bought it ages ago, as it is so much better than the Apple Mouse.



How are you connecting the mouse to your Mac? Can you use the USB receiver Logitech supplies with the mouse, or are you connecting via Bluetooth?
I have the MX Master 2S at work (with a PC) and I like it a lot. It is connected with the supplied receiver. My experiences with Bluetooth mouses have been rather disappointing.
Michael, are your problems with the connectivity or the button configuration?


I use the Bluetooth, and have had no issues.

I switch the mouse between my iMac and MacBook Pro too.



I’ve used a Logitech three-button USB mouse with my iMac quite successfully. Recently it started to lose track in one or the other travel dimension, so I’ve looked for a replacement. I bought a mid-priced Razer Deathadder Elite mouse a few weeks ago, so far so good.

Prior to the Logitech that recently flaked out, I had been using another brand who’s name escapes me, but the mouse had a blue glowing cat graphic on its shell. I eventually hated its scroll wheel which had a very pronounced detent feel and tended to bounce and reverse a few ticks quite often.


I am using blue tooth on may macbook pro and the usb receiver on my mac pro (mid 2012 model)

The wheel will scroll but Im unable to use the mouse to enable the pan and orbit function. To use those I must click on the tool bar.


I have the Performance Mouse MX and I found the curser skips and otherwise has terrible movement irregularities on my Macbook Air mid2013 (regardless of the surface the mouse is on). I brought my MX Master home from work and it worked perfectly.


Thanks for the info


I switch between macbook and imac pro and use Logitech M585/590 bluetooth mouse and it’s nice as it has two buttons so I can switch between which computer the mouse controls. Scroll wheel works great for SketchUp zooming in and out.


Does holding the wheel down allow you to orbit?


Yes, but only if it’s assigned as middle-click.


are you convinced your LayOut scrolling isn’t affected by choice of your mouse?



It was exactly the same with the old mouse.

Layout on 3 year old MacBook Pro running High Sierra works ok. It’s slower than a dead snail on very fast new iMac with Mojave.



How do you assign the wheel as a middle click? I just see assignable buttons for scroll left and right arrows and the button located below the wheel. I see nothing about holding the wheel down


It might be different for your model mouse and software, but it’s hopefully as straightforward as this. Open up Logitech Options software, click on the middle mouse button graphic and select “Middle button.” Here’s a screenshot of mine:


The middle button shows shows the middle button selected with the circle and the words highlighted in green

While in SketchUp Pro 2018, pressing the middle button causes all open windows (both SketchUp and others) to decrease in size and resume original size when I press it again. The Middle button does not do anything when SketchUp is not the active window


Ok so it seems that your clickable scroll wheel is set to a macOS finder command for expose. It’s default for Logitech. You have to change it to middle click because it’s not set.


This is what Logtech Options is showing as selected. It appears to be set to middle button and still acts like it is app expose

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