Orbit/Pan Issues with Scroll Wheel

Ive been using MagicPrefs for years now but an hour or two ago something stopped working. I can no longer Pan/Orbit using my Magic Mouse in SketchUp. Im not sure if I somehow changes a preference but Ive also gone in and uninstalled and reinstalled everything but it won’t naturally pan when I click on the scroll wheel, on either my Magic Mouse or my Logitech mouse. Its super frustrating.

Same. Hadn’t used Sketchup for a couple months. Now no orbit or pan using the same mouse, laptop, OS, and Sketchup. Scroll wheel zooms and right click brings up context menu normally, Mouse buttons work normal in other apps. Appears to be an issue only in Sketchup.

Just for laughs, try SketchUp Free and see if you still have the same problem.

After recently finding that setting a button on my Wacom pen assigned to Middle Click gave me the ability to orbit with just the pen, it just broke this week, and the odd thing is, it’s only broken for SketchUp Pro; It still works fine in SketchUp Free (in a browser).

If you’re referring to the free Sketchup “Make”, that’s the version that is no longer allowing me to pan and orbit with the mouse.

What kind of mouse are you using? Have you checked to see what the center mouse button is assigned to?

Which version of SketchUp Make are you using? None of the versions have gotten any recent updates so it’s not SketchUp that’s changed. You should be looking what else could have changed.