Pan with orbit on secondary mouse click (ipad - mouse control)

I do not understand why there is no such as simple thing as combining both “Pan” and “Orbit” uder one shortcut. For example if you use selection tool you can still use orbit on secondary mouse click, but if you use Pan or Orbit than secondary mouse click do the exactly the same thing.

Can somebody explain the whole thing for me? I understand that there is strict hw limitations on ipad, but thats not such a case. I am really sorry for such a tone, but please do something with it :pray:t2:

Hi @blacktrains – thanks for the feedback.
I assume you’re already familiar with the following, but I’m offering it here just in case.

It is recommended to use a 3-button scroll-wheel mouse when working with SketchUp because the center wheel is configured to activate the Orbit function when you press and hold down on it.
If you’re also using a keyboard, then you have the option to also press the shift key on the keyboard when pressing the down on the center wheel of the mouse to activate the Pan function.

Hi thank you for a quick response. I didnt explain it well. What I metioned is that i know that is possible to use scrollwheel as orbit but once you select pan tool then scroll wheel stop acting as an orbit tool and work as pan instead. (primary click and scroll wheel do the same “pan”) That behaviour i do not understand.

Every tool at least i know work with scrollwheel orbit except pan.

So is it bug then?

Kind regards Jan

you dont need to select the pan tool. the middel scroll button will be zoom and orbit when you press/hold. Then some modifier key (SHIFT, I think, will be panning) If not shift- try some other modifier key - (its been a long time since I used a PC, and 15 years since I last used a mouse)

Jan – Thank you for reiterating your point from earlier. I do see now what you mean, about the center wheel not functioning as Orbit, when the Pan tool is activated. That does seem like a bug that we can and should address. I have it logged.