Which mouse with scroll wheel to buy

I am new to SketchUp and use a Mac desktop. Currently I have the standard Apple mouse. Do I need a mouse with a scroll wheel and if so which one should I buy?

Thanks, Leonardus

A mouse with a center mouse button/wheel is definitely a good way to go with SketchUp. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. I would recommend one of the Logitech wireless mice. Plug and play.

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Been using a Logitech M325 for years. Not fancy but does the job very well.

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I do all of my SketchUp work with the Apple Magic Trackpad, which I think is easier than a Magic Mouse would be. I also have to test mouse wheel features, and so bought one of these for that purpose:

It comes with its own Bluetooth USB dongle for use on machines that don’t have Bluetooth, and works fine on my MacBook Pro, without needing the dongle. I imagine it would work well with a Mac desktop too. Less than $24.

I like to use Logitech’s own receiver. I once had a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, and it seemed to suffer interference from other Bluetooth devices.

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