Bluetooth Mouse recommendations for SketchUP Mac OS High Sierra

I had been using an HP x4000b bluetooth scroll wheel mouse for many, many months now but Apple seems to have changed something in the driver interface code and my mouse no longer scrolls smoothly. Apple’s own Magic Mouse lacks a scroll wheel button and I found the Magic Mouse in particular to be useless for anything other than scrolling through web pages.

As a scroll wheel button is essential for navigating in SketchUP, I am asking the community members who work on the Mac OS High Sierra platform for recommendations. What works for you?

I recommended the M510 to one of my Mac based clients.
He had no issues using the Logitech Options drivers for Mac.

The ‘better’ cheap mouse…

Mapping the inference locking arrow keys to the mouse is the next leap forward…

I LOVE my Logitech MX Master… Honestly, the best mouse I have ever owned. It is a little more on the expensive side, but for a tool that I use every day, for hours a day, it is a small investment when I think that I am getting years out of it.

We did a session on FB that included a look at a few mice… The MX Master was the Bluetooth mouse we highlighted:

I’m seeing feedback on Amazon reviews that the Logtech mice have the same problem as the HP x4000b with Mac OS High Sierra, namely, the scrolling function no longer works properly. My HP x4000b was excellent until recent Apple OS updates; now the scroll jumps and the feedback is all wrong. I’m looking for recommendation on hardware specifically for the current Mac OS release. LMK if y’all have advice specific to that; are you using it with SketchUp Pro on Mac OS High Sierra and is that working out smoothly?

MX master 2s. Awesome. No issues in HS

Do you need to use the Logitech dongle or will it work with the Bluetooth in the iMac?

I use it exclusively with Bluetooth.

yea, but do you need use the Logitech Bluetooth dongle? The Logitech page says it ships with one. I’d rather not use up a USB port.

I just paired it directly with my Macbook. No dongles… That was actually one of the deciding factors for me. Macbook is already light on USB drives (in fact, they are GONE from the new version), so I did not want to dedicate an entire USB to a dongle.

Also, DONGLE is a funny word.

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Yep paired it straight with MBP

The dongle that ships with it is the Logitech Unifying Receiver (2.4 GHz wireless), rather than a Bluetooth one.

The mouse should easily pair with the built-in Bluetooth of your Mac — no dongle required.

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