MX Master, Gesture button movements


My question has to do with the MX Master mouse by Logitech. Josh and Aaron have a tutorial about the mouse functions for SketchUp. Upon their recommendations I purchased the MX Master not the newer S2, I did not believe I needed the S2 version. In their video they demonstrate the ability to program the mouse to do multiple functions without returning to the tool bar. I was able to program a few of the functions that Aaron demonstrated. Now, I’d like to program the Gesture button to do the commands that he show for the (Move), (Rotate), Push/Pull) and (Rectangle). I’ve tried to figure the programing of those moves but can not. If someone could clue me in on what I’m not doing I would very much appreciate the help. This is the link to the video, about 29 minutes in Josh and Aaron talk about the MX Master


It is not the most intuitive, but in the Logi software make sure you are editing the setup for SketchUp (in the upper right corner. Click the circle over the thumb button. On the next screen, click the Customize link in the lower right. Now you should have a list of 5 options (click, click + up, click + down, click + right, click + left). you can click on any one of them and change the function to Keystroke assignment and enter the shortcut ket you want to activate.



Thank you, you know I did the other commands as you did for the pencil and the eraser. I did not go far enough into the Customization tab to do it correctly. Again I did not see the scrolling menu, I thought what is first seen on the menu list was all that was available. If you would not have replied I would not have found the scrolling menu which says Keystroke Assignment. Thank you so much for the assistance and the fast reply.