Can't program MX Master 3S in Windows 11 Sketchup Pro 2023

Hi Aaron-after watching your video on programming custom buttons on this mouse I immediately bought one and tried to set it up. I can get the Logi Options + program to show the shortcuts I have set up but they don’t work in Sketchup. I can easily program the forward and back buttons on my older m705 mouse. Logitech support is useless and the Sketchup pro support said I should post to the community, which I’m still figuring out how to do. I stumbled upon your address. Can you suggest anything? Is this a common problem? Thanks for any help you can give me.-Drew

Mine works fine in sketchup. You have to map the mouse to the shortcuts in sketchup. There are default short cuts but you can edit your own. Then assign the shortcut to the mouse.

lots of SU shortcuts are broken globally, those you try to use via mouse might be ones of them


Thanks for your reply. I did all that and the Logitech software shows that I have mapped but doesn’t work in SU. I have an older m705 mouse that maps just fine.
Thanks again.

Do you have more than one version of SketchUp installed? If so you might have to setup keystroke mapping more than once… you need to set it up for each version of the executable. It does not tell you that in Logi, though… it just says “SketchUp”.

Silly question are you on a mac or windows? I reciently bought a replacement logi mouse with the keyboard. (didnt have the keyboard before and its very good). It seemed like some models were cross compatible and some werent? Something to look at.

On windows 11 pro with logo ergo keyboard. My old mouse works with the previous windows 10 and older computer as well as with the new one.

I had SU free on my computer before I got 23 pro. I’ll remove free and see what happens. Thanks for responding Aaron- you’re the guy I wanted to talk with- your video was why I tried to do this. I know you said you were doing it with Mac but if you know anyone I should contact please let me know. Thanks!

It worked! Thanks so much for your help!

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