Magic Trackpad zoom modifier key

I’m using SketchUp for iPad along with the Magic Trackpad. If I use the two-finger move gesture, the model rotates. When holding the Shift key modifier, this gesture is recognized as pan. Is there any modifier key for zooming so that I don’t have to lift my fingers from the trackpad? I tried using the standard zoom tool, but it doesn’t work the same way, as it moves the cursor and I have to keep repositioning it to the center when it reaches the edge of the screen in order to continue zooming.

I do not prefer to use the pinch-to-zoom gesture as I’m suffering from thumb pain.

Thanks in advance

two fingers drag up or down doesn’t work ? it’s the standard “scroll move” on laptops and trackpads, I don’t know how the ipad deals with that gesture…

Yes, two-finger drag gesture on the trackpad functions as scrolling up and down. However, in SketchUp, this gesture is assigned to rotating the model. When holding the Shift key, the gesture changes to panning (moving left, right, up, and down without rotation). My question is: Is there a key that changes the two-finger drag gesture to zoom, similar to how Shift changes it to pan?

When applying this to a mouse, the middle button functions as rotation, and when holding Shift, the middle button functions as pan.

ow, ok, not having an ipad, I wasn’t sure what you called the “two fingers gesture” in your initial message, so that’s it hmm…

Are these gestures change-able on the ipad level ? pinch to zoom is the default behaviour, but I suspect there are some accessibility parameters (like on a mac) where you can change default behaviour. I’d expect SU for ipad is using the default gestures apple is offering

It does look like the the only ways to zoom with the trackpad are to go into the Zoom tool and click and drag, or use a pinch action.

Thumb pain? It’s not a thumb movement - it’s 2-finger movement. So any 2 fingers will work. Even 1 finger from each hand. I’d wager 2 toes would work, too. But I only have a trackpad on my keyboard, not the magic trackpad, so YMMV.


It’s a pinch gesture where you need to drag two fingers apart in opposite directions. Try to perform it using fingers other than your thumb and index finger for a couple of hours each day. :joy:

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I think so.

The OS itself offers controls for this under the accessibility area of the system settings, you can do double tap and 3 finger slider for example .

Might be worth a try, I image it affects SketchUp