Minimizing or clicking off screen causes panning away from model

If I click an option in the menu, or click another window in the tray, my SketchUp project immediately starts scrolling to infinite and I have to zoom out and look at the axes to find exactly where my model is. It has happened maybe 50 times, and irritated me to the point of creating an account and writing this post. I’m on a brand new maxed-out MacBook. What gives?

Are you using a mouse or the trackpad? This sounds like it could be a Mac system “gestures” issue. Have you experimented with the settings under system preferences > trackpad .

Meantime check out Zoom Extents to help you get back to viewing you model quickly. It’s in the large tool set:


I’d strongly recommend using a scroll wheel mouse instead of the trackpad. It makes orbiting and zooming very much faster. Roll mouse wheel to zoom in or out, click wheel and hold, then move mouse, to orbit.

Zoom in or out on trackpad: 2 finger up, down.
Orbit: control + command + click with thumb on trackpad, orbit around with index finger.
Pan: same as orbit, but add shift key.

Anything else special on your trackpad settings?

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