Mac Trackpad orbiting? Still not available?

The argument usually given for the mouse wheel approach is that you don’t lose context. That is, you can start drawing a line, mouse wheel press to orbit the view, and you’re still working in the line tool with the line you start. That is also true if you use the keyboard modifier keys, so it seems like an exact equivalent.

But it’s not a strong argument, because if you press O to comfortably orbit for a while by stroking the trackpad with three fingers, you can press L to return to working on that same line. It does mean a second shortcut press to carry on, but that it still physically less stressful than holding down a mouse wheel for long periods.

Something that works with the modifier keys also works with the shortcut approach. Once you are orbiting after selecting Orbit, then three finger stroke, you can release two of your fingers, making it extra comfortable. You can press and release the shift key too, to exactly orbit and pan to get the view you want.

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