Sketchup Web on iPadOS - Mouse Support

Hi there, My name is Josh, and I’ve been trying out Sketchup Web on iPadOS using the safari browser. It’s actually pretty amazing that the app can be opened & run in safari for iPadOS.

By connecting a keyboard and a mouse to the iPad, I was able to create some basic interior layout. However, the number one issue that I’m dealing with is the fact that the scroll-to-zoom, and orbit and pan mouse functions are not available. I had to press the shortcut keys on the keyboard every time I want to use those functions.

Will there be an update to the web app for this? Especially for it to be able to run just like in windows/MacOS devices.

Thanks in advance

I have tested that with Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse, and those things don’t work, you would want to press Z and then zoom that way. I’m not sure if it’s something missing from our code, or from Apple’s code. I will see if that team has an interest in checking into it.

The web app doesn’t really work in Safari. Try Chrome, it works a lot better there.

I ditto this functionality would be really helpful and would make the iPad into quite a useful Sketchup tool.

Theres definitely a market for sketchup web on ipad pro users like me, i for one have colleagues who also wants the scroll wheel zoom and orbit fixed. hopefully this gets on the priority list! :slight_smile:

A $12 Walmart Motile BT mouse works on mine (iPad Pro)

Do you find that the mouse wheel works? I have tried Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, and neither of those let the mouse wheel work. It’s as if iOS is replacing your finger presses with the BlueTooth device, and you don’t have a middle mouse button on your finger.

No it doesn’t but you can just use the buttons on the left for that. It is the biggest draw back that I have found. Now you can press “O” for Orbit and the middle button works then but when you press “Z” for zoom you have to press left mouse and hold to zoom in and out.
iPadPro 10.5"
OS 13.6.1

Yes, exactly. At the moment either iOS or the web app is not mouse friendly on iPad.

iPadOS 13.7 is supposed to have “better” mouse and trackpad support. Mine is in the process of updating so when it is finished I’ll give it another go and let you know if it is any better.

Hey, Colin. Just wondering if there is any update available for this question or what the SketchUp Team that works on this has replied with for whether or not they are looking into it.

Any updates on this?
Would love for this to work well while using the ipad with a mouse or a trackpad