Sketchup and ipad with magic keyboard

I know there have been requests for SketchUp for IPad use in the past and somewhere I believe that the question was asked why was the biggest problem getting it to work on a IPad, I am not totally sure but i thought i was told the reason was that there was no mouse to use with the iPad. If that is the case then would the new Magic Keyboard for the IPad 2020 be an answer since it has a built in Track Pad in the Keyboard? My self like a lot of others would still like to see SketchUp work on our iPad. Thanks up front for any help or guidance anyone can give.

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Yeah, that woud be nice. Not in the browser, but natively on iOS.
The thing with the trackpad is expensive, though, as I understand, the new iOS supports (Bluetooth) mouses.
I have a cheap Bluetooth keyboard and a pencil, that works for me, do you have one as well? I did hook a mouse for a while through the accessibility settings.

I have not thought of trying a blue tooth mouse on my ipad. I currently have the 3rd generation IPad Pro i think, it was a 2018 IPad Pro. I was thinking about up grading to the new IPad Pro 2020 with the new Magic Keyboard especially if it would make SketchUp work. I have always wanted to learn SketchUp to use with my hobby of woodworking. I know it is available with PC but I do not use a PC very often except at work. But like a lot of others I always have my IPad with me and can use it in my spare time. I know the company wants to cater to the most users but i would think that they are missing out on a large population of IPad users, but that is just my humble opinion.