Looking for advice about purchasing “which” iPad

I have been using windows version of sketchup pro on my PC every day for 8 years. I understand my subscription will be compatible with an iPad which I find amazing. Before I buy one can anyone tell me which iPad I would be better off buying? Pro or air? And do I need a Magic Keyboard or does the Apple Pencil do everything I’ll need?

The new iPad Pro with M2 has features that the SketchUp app takes advantage of. If you can afford it, one of the new iPads would be worth getting.

The app does let finger, pencil, keyboard, trackpad, mouse, all let you model ok. You could get things in stages. We mostly are testing with Pencil and also keyboard/trackpad, plus Bluetooth mouse testing as well.

As you have used SketchUp desktop for a while, it would make sense to get the keyboard/trackpad add-on, and connect any Bluetooth mouse you already have. You could try out Pencil at an Apple Store before seeing if that would improve SketchUp for you.

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