iPad Pro user

Hi everyone I am new to sketchup and an iPad user but I am unable to make it past the setup portion where it asks my interests, can anyone help?

I am by no means an experienced sketchup user, but I’m 99% sure you can’t use iPad. you need a mouse and iPad won’t go that route. Im an apple guy myself, so if you figure out an iPad solution, please share

I’m not sure what page you are on at the time, but this page has previously worked really well on iPad, especially if you have a keyboard:


Currently it is not working correctly, at least under iPad OS. It may still work on iPad using iOS 12, I’m not sure. I have alerted the right person to let him know about the problem.

Pretty sure that one can enable a mouse on the new iPad OS, through accessibility. I have it on mine (iPad Pro) but haven’t tried a mouse yet.

@colin I can get it to load through Safari but it doesn’t work past that with the pencil.

At the moment the page is reading the iPad as if it’s not mobile, which will mean all of the usual touch screen work arounds are not happening.

I read an article warning against assuming that mouse in iPadOS is going to be a desktop experience. I don’t have a bluetooth or lightning cable mouse, so I haven’t tried it yet.

Yes, I read the same about it not being the same. Such a missed opportunity on Apple. They keep saying that the iPad can replace a computer but without this it’s a hollow claim imho.

@Sean-WFU: Agree.
I recently switched from iPad to Microsoft Surface. I think that the iPad is not much more than a bigger Smartphone. But the Surface is a little Laptop with full functional Windows 10, with same portability (but also with smaller batterylife).

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Well the iPad Pro was not my choice. Work bought it for me. I tried to talk them into letting me get either a Surface or Samsung Tab S. My director at the time wanted everyone to stay the same, so Apple. Don’t get me wrong it’s a cool unit but for the $1k (iPad Pro 10.5 - $799, Pencil - $99 and Logitech keyboard case - $79) it cost I could have gotten either of the others. We are hiring some new people so maybe I can pass mine down and get something else. :wink: