SketchUp for Web (and mouse) on iPad OS?

Since IPad OS had been launch, have you tried to work with sketchup web on an ipad pro with a mouse? I was wondering if it’s working and how is it?

Hi there, @Baronmat. SketchUp for Web is accessible but technically unsupported for iPad devices. That said, we noticed some broken functionality over the past week that we are investigating. I’ll hope to report more early next week, once we have a closer look at whether the issue is a result of the iPad OS launch or a change we made.

Thanks for the answer! A mice rather than the pencil would be awesome on SketchUp for Web!

Did you mean unsupported?

Yes, thanks!

Would be great to have this support! I tried on my iPad Pro with iPadOS 13.2 and an external bluetooth mouse and the Apple Smart Keyboard cover.
From my testing it seems that the mouse does not work (trying to hold primary mouse button and dragging does nothing) and also the keyboard shortcuts does not work. Keyboard focus seems to move around and focus on the text entry box (Measurement) in the bottom right corner.

Please look into making Sketchup Web more compatible with an iPad with external mouse and keyboard.
Mark, can you share any updates from the investigation?

I don’t have a bluetooth mouse to test with at the moment. Do any apps support mouse actions on iPad Pro? The only mention of mouse in Apple’s article on Sidecar is to say that you should use the Pencil instead of a mouse:

Currently the page is broken for iPad use anyway, so we may need to wait to do more tests.

I think what the Bluetooth mouse does is to emulate touch events. It is an Accessibility setting.

So I think if the page would work for iPad in general it would work for a Bluetooth mouse, since my guess is that the mouse would look like a finger Touch event to the web page. But that is guessing.

My hope is that you in general look into making Sketchup for Web work on iPad OS. (as you have mentioned that you at least are investigating which is great!)

@Mark any updates regarding the investigating on iPadOS-support for SketchUp for Web?

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