Anyone successfully using Sketchup for Web on an iPad?

I have an iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd Gen (I LOVE it!) and I would like to be able to do some 3D modeling wherever I happen to be. I can launch it in Google Chrome and I’m able to login and open one of my models. I can select a tool or an object but I can’t do much with them. I can select orbit or pan but I can’t actually orbit or pan. I can select (for example) a rectangle and set an origin point (sort of) but I can’t drag to create the right size and I can’t enter them manually into the dimensions input box at the bottom right because the keyboard won’t pop up. Do I need an Apple Pencil? A Bluetooth mouse? A keyboard? Is anyone out there successfully using Sketchup for web? If so, please let me know what I need to do. I’ve read that it crashes; I can live with that unless it’s immediate/constant. I’ll just save frequently.

Updated: I originally overstated what I’m unable to do.

The SketchUp for Web application doesn’t support touchscreen or mousepad gestures so usually what is required is that you can plug in a standard wheel mouse to your device.

I’ve had better luck with a Bluetooth mouse but still not the same as desktop usage IMO. iPad Pro 10.5.

I see iPad Safari or Chrome as failing to load at the moment. It still works on iPhone.

I have a message out to colleagues to try to figure what changed.

Just tried it on my iPad Pro and it was working in Chrome. Meaning that I could log onto the SU Free site and start drawing. Still can’t use the BT Mouse scroll wheel to pan and zoom which to me is the biggest issue for making it really usable on the iPad.
iPad Pro 10.5
iOS 14.2 (18B92)

I fear that iOS itself doesn’t pass on the middle mouse wheel scrolling. For now you would have to go in and out of the Zoom.

The problem I was having with the site was something wrong on my iPad. Doing an OS update fixed Safari, and reinstalling Chrome fixed that too.

That’s funny as I can scroll in Chrome with the mouse scroll wheel, albeit in reverse but it does work.

Interesting. I’ll try again. It is true to say that the app has better support for Chrome than for Safari, and as it isn’t intended to work on mobile at all, getting mobile browser specific issues fixed doesn’t have a high priority, compared to issues that also affect desktop users.

Very understandable