Sketchup Web and iPad Pro

Hi. I have been testing Sketchup Web with the new mouse and keyboard support on the iPad Pro in 13.4. I see it as a great option for quick edits, presentation, and field work on the go; I use a desktop for extended work. Graphics are working really nicely and quickly. Most mouse behaviour is working well; I have paired it with an Apple Magic Mouse and a Logi Bluetooth Keyboard. A have a question; Is there any way of using customised keyboard shortcuts? I have hardwired custom shortcuts on my desktop and would be great to carry these over…

Does anyone else have any observations or experiences?

I have also tried it with a three button mouse. The functions of zooming and panning/orbitting with the central button don’t seem to work in the way they do with a three button mouse running in Sketchup Web on a desktop. Is this a limitation of iPadOS13.4 or can it be implemented by Sketchup Web. This would really help!

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