Free Version of Sketchup


I have been a long time user of Sketchup. I loved it because I could easily make models for simple projects.

After downloading the 2016 version it has now kicked me out from using it, saying I must pay. What happened to the free version? Is that still available?

I’m just trying to do a little 3D printing with my son and now all of our files cannot be accessed.

Thanks for any tips,



You most likely downloaded the Pro version, not the Make (free) version. Depending on where and how you downloaded, this could be because you didn’t tell Trimble you intended it for non-commercial use, or because you selected the wrong item from a list of downloads. Both versions start with a trial period in which all the Pro features are enabled, but at the end of the trial Pro insists you get a license whereas Make disables the trial Pro features. Try completely uninstalling and reinstalling making certain you get the Make download.


Hi slbaumgartner,

Thank you or the tip. I tried that. We input his school info and tried a fresh download. Honestly, it looked like the exact same .dmg on my Mac.

When we installed it we were met with the same screen requiring us to upgrade with no visible interface for saying, “Hey, we’re just making a few toys here and not a 30-story apartment building.”

How should I go about uninstalling this fully to try and reset the permissions?


Try downloading Make from here:

To completely uninstall, trash the /Applications/SketchUp 2016 folder and also trash
/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016. Note that is your per-user Library, not the system’s /Library. SketchUp no longer keeps anything in /Library.


Awesome I will give that a try!


That worked nicely, thank you!