SketchUp Make not free?


I downloaded SketchUp Make from the website. It says it’s free. Brief bit of history: I previously upgraded to SketchUp 2017 after I had 2016 (which was free by the way, never any issues) and then it said I only had 1 free month but then I could change to the free version. Okay, whatever. More than a month has passed and I tried to open my floor plan and it says I need to get a license so I delete SketchUp and download SketchUp Make. When I try to open it it says I don’t have a license and will not open. What gives? Is it free or not?


Update: I tried another way of opening the program. Previously I was just trying to open it as a new project since I’m working on drawing some walls. When trying to open an old file the program then asked if I would like to purchase or agree to their SketchUp Make waiver. Long story short it’s now working. No idea why it wouldn’t just ask that on initial opening rather than forcing out of the program. For anybody reading thank you for your concern, have a good day.


From your description it sounds like you missed the instructions for downloading SketchUp Make and installed SketchUp Pro instead. Both start with a 30 day trial of the pro version. If you had actually downloaded Make, it would have reverted to the free version at the end of the 30 days. In any event, it sounds like you now have SketchUp Make installed.