Deleted 2016, downloaded again and it wont work

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

I started using Sketchup free years ago on my Mac Air and its been a wonderful tool for a few small projects around my house. The pro version isn’t something I need, as I might use the software a couple times a year at most. I had installed the house builder extension with no problems as well.

About six months ago I bought a Macbook Pro and installed 2016 which worked fine. Last week I needed the house builder extension again, so I downloaded it and installed it with no luck.

I tried a few different things, which of course put some files in different Sketchup folders on my computer. Nothing worked, so I decided to delete Sketchup and reinstall it without the house builder extensions. This may have been a big mistake!

When I download Make now, it tells me it can’t open because its not a licensed version of Sketchup Pro, Layout is the same thing and Sketchup itself says my version of computer is not supported anymore.

I’ve deleted it and tried again a couple of times with the same results.

Anybody have an idea?



you may have to go through your registry and remove all refrences to Sketchup in there

Tried and its still the same, thanks tho