Sketchup pro (make) 2016

Hi everybody.
I just found my licence Sketchup 2016, that I had lost since a long time ago. Problem, no link available now to download Sketchup 2016 :frowning: Even on this forum.

Is anyone has got this version 2016 and would share it with me (us)?

Thx a lot

Keep in mind the 3D and Extension Warehouses no longer support that old version and the Add-Location feature is defunct.

Thx a lot DaveR
I found the topic you were speaking about, but the link doesn’t work anymore.
Don’t worry, I finally found on google by searching with the keys word “sketchup pro 2016 MAC” :slight_smile:


Yes, unfortunately the Trimble links that article refers to have been taken down now. I have added a note to that old post.