Sketchup 2016 Download?

I have a Sketchup Pro 2016 License. I had to reformat my hard drive recently and discovered you can no longer download 2016? For some reason, you can still download 2015 pro, but no 2016? If anyone has a link to 2016 pro that would be great.

If you typed your thread title into the search box the first result would be this thread.

Hmm that’s wrong, you are after Pro not Make, that is harder to find.

I’ll just nudge @Barry and @jody and see if either of them know of an official download link for Pro or whether they can put you in touch with someone within the office that can provide a lost version.

You can download Make and insert the license. It will become Pro.


For the future I’d recommend to keep the installer among your backuped files, to make sure you can read them for many, many years to come. Keeping a Make installer is also a good idea.

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Thank you! That saved me!