SketchUp Won't Let Me Use Free Version

Description of the Issue: I’ve used SketchUp quite often on my old XP laptop. Now that I have Windows 8.1, I thought I’d use a newer version. I tried installing it twice and get the same problem, namely that I’m stuck with a trial version of Pro with no way of getting the free Make version. I’ve tried searching for help online only to run into a lot of people giving various permutations on ‘you must’ve done something wrong.’

No, I didn’t. I went through the download process twice. I specified that I wanted Make. The installer I downloaded is called SketchUpMake-en-x64.exe. Both times I got a trial version of Pro. I am now at the end of the trial version for the second time and there is no way that I can see of getting the free version. Just lots of red boxes and requests for a paid license key.

I don’t want the paid version. I want the free version. I tried to download the free version. Strong arm tactics aren’t making me any more willing to get the paid version. What the hell.

Selected Version of SketchUp: 2017, It’s supposed to be Make

Selected Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit

As with SketchUp 8, the Pro trial is part of SketchUp Make and cannot be disabled (but nevertheless, after the Trial it becomes SketchUp Make). You should then see the welcome dialog asking to accept not doing commercial work, or to buy a license.

Can you post an image of the dialog box you are getting? It may help.

Direct download links without the question form:

Skipping the trial mode, for SketchUp versions 2015 and higher:

So that “I agree” button isn’t asking me to agree to buy the Pro version but to agree to use the free version? That could’ve been made a whole heck of a lot clearer. Especially since the button for not agreeing just closes the program.

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